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Our Stories

Perhaps it began when grampaw made up stories on the farm to entertain us grandkids or when my siblings and I pretended we were mermaids in the shallow end of the lake, but since childhood, storytelling has been my passion.

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we enjoy making them. Our first short film, The Reunion, will debut in film festivals in the upcoming year then culminate in the launch of our web-series, GrownUp Orphans.

Please enjoy our first unofficial project (For Grampaw):

Why “Nora’s North”?

The legend of Nora.  My sister.  She was the most dynamic and head-strong person you would have ever met; a bit of a wild child if you will.  When she was younger, Nora used to think that the direction she turned to face was always north.  She was very passionate, liked to do things her way, and didn’t let things get in her way.  It was Nora’s way.  Nora’s North.

After Nora died, I realized that life was was too short and I too, must pursue my passions.  So here we are.  Telling stories and creating eclectic art.  And “Nora’s North” is only fitting.

To help support our projects please check out our merchandise.